Seriously i got 10 game chat banned for this?

Seriously this is Chat Suspending? Game - 1 I had a Yi who and Zyra who int fed that game. Non stop making the entire game un winnable even after game chat Zyra admitted that her and YI were int feeding. (this is the shit people rage about people purposely trolling on throw away accounts to get those on main accounts in trouble for getting frustrated) Game 2 - Seriously Again i have a malz spamming " NAsus is hacking using Cheating hacks." all game long feeding nasus kills then lets him free farm all game long while he spams this over and over.. Game 3. - i pretty much said nothing not sure how i got reported there but ok. ************************************************ So Update. I cut a few things out like the Rioter name viewing my case but this was basically the result of what i was told. I've taken some time to go through your logs and I'll admit, I’m really sorry you had to deal with that kind of behavior. I’ll take a look at the match and follow up with any players who were negative and make sure appropriate actions were taken. I’m sorry to say, but when it comes to the placement of this penalty, I don't have great news. I won’t be able to reduce this for you, but I want to take this time to provide you with context as to why this penalty has been applied and tips to prevent any future ones when faced with these types of games. After taking some time to look through your chat, it does look like there was quite a lot of typing. When queuing up for a match, we all have the same goal in mind and that's to get a win. Communicating with your teammates is absolutely critical in helping your team achieve victory but sometimes typing too much can be more of a hindrance - rather than helpful. If other players are causing issues in your game, please do make liberal use of your mute function. Players often forget how powerful this simple feature can change the course of the match. Short phrases like:“Ult soon, ward dragon”, "Catch somebody out there, wait with me", are really effective and get straight to the point. In addition, I'd suggest using smart pings and emotes when you need to communicate quickly. The less time we spend in chat, the more time we can think about executing a plan of action. so in short... I was suspended from chat.. Not for being negative. But, instead i was punished cause i type to much. The frick? In-Game F1uttershy2075: bg muting team and pings F1uttershy2075: you feed two early kills and then blame us for your bad mistakes and being behind? F1uttershy2075: we agreeing to surrender at 15? F1uttershy2075: muting team and pings then .. just farming F1uttershy2075: no idea how you are suppose to climb out of bronze this season F1uttershy2075: he's int feeding along with this zyra. just let it go not worth it F1uttershy2075: dude you didn't even get one support item F1uttershy2075: ... F1uttershy2075: nuff said F1uttershy2075: no we need to click yes on surrender F1uttershy2075: meh we got 2 int feeders just pls win and not be toxic F1uttershy2075: not really just int feeding zyra and yi are broken F1uttershy2075: i don't deserve this team.. jesus.. christ.. i hate ranked this season F1uttershy2075: of course the duo queue votes no. F1uttershy2075: pretty sure the zyra and yi are F1uttershy2075: same.. just these two int feeders made it impossible to even try to carry F1uttershy2075: its just what ever.. just report them after. sucks that riot won't do any thing about people making throw away accounts to troll F1uttershy2075: Yas hush.. F1uttershy2075: seriously got a jungle that was handing you kills with this support Game 2 In-Game F1uttershy2075: i'm done F1uttershy2075: muting team and pings bg F1uttershy2075: grats on your win F1uttershy2075: wouldn't sweat it nasus you easily won that lane.. gj F1uttershy2075: ok i'll bite how is his account getting banned? F1uttershy2075: honestly i'd care.. but malz is just trolling .. i'm done with this match F1uttershy2075: what kinda sucks is now i see why its so dang hard to get out of bronze from iron.. every other game you got a troll in it F1uttershy2075: honestly ashe chill.. F1uttershy2075: games pretty much over.. just focus on working on your CS F1uttershy2075: ashe pls chill out F1uttershy2075: sorry nasus i refuse to give out a perfect game F1uttershy2075: other then that you easily got the win GJ on countering him F1uttershy2075: don't worry about it.. F1uttershy2075: ashe chill F1uttershy2075: i'm going to enjoy reporting malz i really am F1uttershy2075: you know all stuff aside if malz wasn't purposely trolling we could have easily won this F1uttershy2075: not really just is when you get to free farm F1uttershy2075: BG Game 3 In-Game F1uttershy2075: yea i'm done muting team and pings F1uttershy2075: better team i suppose F1uttershy2075: bg grats on your win F1uttershy2075: seriously who voted no.. F1uttershy2075: i'm trash .. F1uttershy2075: you literally lost 3 kills to a riven top lane.. F1uttershy2075: you know what nvm.. i'm not even going to deal with thi s. back to muting you guys F1uttershy2075: we have to win to throw
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