Why was I chat restricted for very minimal toxicity that many people wouldn't even consider toxic?

Game 1 AppleJax2: I been maining darius since s3 too but when they buffed him i couldnt play anymore :( AppleJax2: kappa AppleJax2: Don't tell AppleJax2: I'm thinking of gay sex are you too? AppleJax2: lel AppleJax2: fucking hate mundo he's such a retarded champ AppleJax2: why no ban? AppleJax2: i think mundo should be afk AppleJax2: i think you should ban mundo over anyone else AppleJax2: because he's a broken champion and instabanned higher elo AppleJax2: kys AppleJax2: you seem to not be able to counter ap yorick AppleJax2: wait wut AppleJax2: why would you go support lux AppleJax2: just uninstall AppleJax2: wtf are you doing AppleJax2: WHAT AppleJax2: 413 damage????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? AppleJax2: riot you should really just fix your goddamn gae AppleJax2: game AppleJax2: not even close??? AppleJax2: you go fight him AppleJax2: gank then AppleJax2: or dont AppleJax2: i need gold and you wont help my lane AppleJax2: as what hole? AppleJax2: what do you think i did? AppleJax2: ??? i didnt say im gold? AppleJax2: are you retarded AppleJax2: i said i need gold, and you wont help my lane so i'm taking your gold AppleJax2: thanks for the help against this obviously balanced mundo guys AppleJax2: cause he's so balanced AppleJax2: you haven't been anyways AppleJax2: kek'd AppleJax2: yes gj kass AppleJax2: but it's ap yorick something so rare has to be observed and appreciated AppleJax2: don't trust a perfect person AppleJax2: balanced AppleJax2: damnnnnnn my ult AppleJax2: your team die also lel AppleJax2: that fucking chain cc of aids AppleJax2: the fucking cc IS SO AWFUL AppleJax2: but yeah mundo is so balanced i swear AppleJax2: definetly not carrying their team i swear AppleJax2: WHAT THE FUCK AppleJax2: im afk AppleJax2: bye AppleJax2: it doesn't seem to matter cause i'm not important AppleJax2: and mundo is so balanced this game is easy enough right? AppleJax2: BALANCED AppleJax2: fucking retards AppleJax2: Team- "Mundo is balanced your lane is like super easy" AppleJax2: The only 2 people being toxic are rammus and lux AppleJax2: USE YOURE Q AppleJax2: YOUR AppleJax2: end right AppleJax2: end AppleJax2: on our side of the jungle AppleJax2: how does one vcarry AppleJax2: i wan't to know AppleJax2: ramm place ward AppleJax2: I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE AppleJax2: THE EITHER KITE OR CC ME AppleJax2: WHY AppleJax2: JUST END AppleJax2: Gg AppleJax2: ezreal These are my chat logs where i really wasn't toxic at all and i still was chat restricted. also i was season 5 silver and i don't have a border?
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