My account was permanently suspended

Dear Riot Games, As of about ten minutes ago, my account was permanently suspended. i have sent an email back to your company asking them to review the entire match as a whole, for my account was banned based on inflammatory language/griefing. I would first off like to state that many things I said were very crass and rude, but in my eyes, completely justified based on my opponents and one of my teammates behavior, as they brought forth the flame war that was had between me and them through trolling and abusive language. They were using derogatory terms, racial slurs, and degrading language, and using various derogatory expressions and phrases, and my language was used in response to their flaming/harassment/what have you. They were telling me to kill myself, saying things such as "n***er c**t monkey" in regards to me and some of my other teammates. I retaliated with the same language, but only in response to what they said in the first place to me and my teammates. I have no doubt that the four of them decided to report me entirely as a targeting form of harassment, specifically to get me banned. I am talking about one game out of all of them , but each game I played contained these types of people that caused me to retaliate back at them They got their wish I suppose. I will be posting a link to my chat history throughout that game to show you what Riot Games saw and decided to ban me on, which, at a first glance, is completely reasonable and justified. All I ask is that Riot decides to look further into this matter and could possibly see about un-banning me and my account, as I have put in a decent amount of money into this game and have been a fan of it for a few years now. I can't exactly afford to just "get back" everything, and seeing such a one sided and harassing targeted ban on my account does not sit well and I feel that I deserve something better than just an non-reviewed one sided chat session resulting in a permanent ban. It would be highly appreciated if a Rioter commented back on this post, though doubtful, would at least give me some solace in their decision. Again, I ask not that my account be unbanned, but just that the entire matter is reviewed closer which may result in unbanning my account. Thank you, and good luck in your future games. Don't feed the trolls, take it from me. Link to chat history:
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