The amount of stupid things people do and say seems to be higher than ever.

Every game it is always something. I'm not saying age has to do with everything, but it seems like all the adult players have left and the average age of the player base is around 10-14. EVERY GAME I see something beyond stupid. Like " The Jiggaboojones" as a summoner name. Even saw someone with the name "n i gger" except it had a character map in it. If it's not in the summoner name it's in the clan tag. If its not nygger it's kunt or some other stupid shit. For some reason I see some variation of the word "nig ger" in like a third of my games. If it's not in the name/clan tag it's in the chat. " fuck u ur all f ag gits." "Fuk u dirty nig ger.""suk me dik bro." It doesn't really offend me, but what annoys me is now for the next 35 minutes or so I'm stuck with this person who drew the short straw in the gene pool. I feel like the game is just a dice roll on who gets less immature children now. EVERY SINGLE GAME IT IS SOMETHING. I had one guy not doing so well in the top lane. My mid (malzahar) says I'll come top in a second and ult him and we should be able to kill him. The guy responds. "stfu f ag git ur ult wont due shiit fukin pussy." Just got out of game where this duo kept telling me I was " so tight brah". I said I have no idea what you keep saying to me but okay. The response was " this f ag git is bringing up grammar." "Grammar is a sign of the weak." I wasn't even talking about grammar. Just said I had no idea what he was saying to me. Then they continued on about how i like "9 year old tight boiis". Meanwhile they died 18 times in the bot lane in about 15 minutes. I'm sure you can imagine how well these people play who have these mentalities. Some of them averaging 12+ deaths a game. It's sad how the worst player on the map usually has a bigger impact than the best player. I'm not implying that is always me. Sometimes after the game they tell me "sorry bro about the bad game let's duo." The funny part is they are actually serious and not just trolling. This seems to happen more if you carry the game after they die 10 times in lane. I have accepted a few of their friend requests out of curiosity. Like yeah let's just be friends now and all is forgiven because during your fit of rage you only called me a "%%%" 50 times and told me you hope my mom gets cancer. Then we win and now you are okay and want to be friends. This is just insanity to me. I honestly just don't even understand this mentality. Is there actually something mentally wrong with these people? Half the things people say and do don't even make an ounce of sense. Is this just how online gaming is now and league is just one of the worst ones?
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