Riot IP Banned All 40 of my Accounts

First off, yes the chat logs are toxic. The thing I hate the most about League is the fact that people can talk shit to you, but when you reply, you just get hammered down. This SJW meta type dogshit that consists in this game is completely stupid. The fact I get a 10 game chat restriction for calling out and inter on one of my other fresh accounts, look at the Fiddle ADC and sivir support. Sivir force took Fiddles role as adc because Fiddle's Draven was banned, Fiddle says hes still going adc but as fiddle. Sivir starts stealing Fid's cs rather than supporting, thus Fiddle ints. I jump in to tell Sivir how she should stop csing and just support so fid can adc and we will win, she continues being toxic along with fid and loses us the game. I myself got a chat restriction on the account for that one bloody game, because this is what is toxic in league for fucks sake. People who are inting, people who mindlessly think for themselves, this is whats toxic. People saying insults is toxic sure, but you can literally mute them. You cant mute someone who is inting or contributing to the kid inting. Anyways, the game that happened we got a Kayn. The Kayn was someone who I played with/against many times on multiple accounts and he knows my Twitch. Every time I played with/against, he always flames everyone. This game he decides to flame me for being an "inting ugly nerd losing his promos". So I decide to respond back to it, considering this is what he does every single games ive ever played with him. Surely enough, he submits this one bloody chat game to a Riot support member, who then IP bans me. Every single account I have, is gone. I cant even log into any of them for the "reasoning" except for this one. Which this one, all it shows is this one game. This one single game of toxicity, which costs all 40 of my accounts. No "Kys" mentioned, not one swear word, literally just made fun of the dudes looks and language so he gets a taste of his own medicine for what he does every game, and thats worth all 40 of my accounts to be banned? It's actually ridiculous, all this does is create a more toxic environment, because now all that happens is I go back to a fresh account with a more toxic mentality because Riot simply does not care. If you want to stop toxicity, start banning the real problems which is Inting/Trolling. Neither I, or the Kayn (who is toxic), should receive a perma ban for something that can be stopped by a simple mute button. All this does is make players more and more toxic when they get banned. Anyways, heres the chat logs. Sure one game of toxicity for good reason, guess that means all 40 accounts should be banned. Game 1 In-Game AORVAL: aight just let me solo her **(When he failed gank top)** AORVAL: getting yas fed **(Reply to enemy Irelia)** AORVAL: my lanes done AORVAL: just gonna open it **(I say this all the time because my mental is weak but I never actually open/afk in my games ever)** AORVAL: go next AORVAL: ok %%%%%%%%%%% lmfao AORVAL: go back to china s%%%%%%%%%%%nty eye kid AORVAL: welp AORVAL: thats what happens when you get a shit jungler that screws your lane AORVAL: no wonder you only have 1 viewer on twitch lol AORVAL: bad at league and a crybaby AORVAL: report? AORVAL: ggez AORVAL: winnable btw xD Post-Game AORVAL: yeah AORVAL: kayn has a twitch btw AORVAL: 1 viewer AORVAL: poggers AORVAL: ugly asian as well AORVAL: %%%%%%%%%%% bing bing bing AORVAL: eggwol A%%%%%%%%%%%ou has eggwol AORVAL: bing bing bing
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