0 damage to turrets, is this bannable ?

So, is it consider trolling or not to literally have a end game stat page with 0 damage to turrets ? Have you ever done 0 damage to turrets ? Was it intentional, or you just had a bad game where you got stomp ? In this precise example the dude is a jungler and he got a good kda like 6/2/4. They didn't won. Another time i had a duo of jungler and mid together on my team...they roamed alot..got a lot of kills both, with nice kda. Yet they didn't do a single damage to turrets. I felt like i was trolled by these two person. Of course I didn't win this game. Any one relates to my story ? Or mind sharing some info on this dark technique of trying to win a game with out doing the first thing required to win the game ( damaging turrets to get to nexus and win ). GL HF on the rift Edit : second game today second time i have a end game chart with people with 0 damage to turrets. Really infuriating to see happening during games and then having proof of troll at the stat end page and seeing this issue not being addressed.
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