If you ever wonder how permabanned players think, I can probably help answer some of your questions.

**Disclaimer: I'm not looking for attention, I'm just here to be nice.** I mean at the end of the day people just look at permabanned players, shake their heads and are like "How the fuck are these players toxic enough to get permabanned? What could they possibly say, how can they be so stuck up? Why don't they disable their chat?" Not everyone is curious about as to why players are toxic to that degree but some are to which I'll say: I can be of a bit of help. I'm not afraid to talk about my account history & my current status. My name is ShinodaChan, currently Honor 0 unlocked (got a 10 game restriction a week ago) on my 5th account. The accounts I've had before Shinoda are (in chronological order): 1. Captain Lito (Permabanned May 2nd 2017 for extreme verbal toxicity/negative attitude - may have perma removed for the NA experiment) 2. Astral Crux (Permabanned June 2017 - same reason) 3. Whisper of Snow (Permabanned October (?) 2017 - same reason) 4. Alice Naklri (Permabanned November 2017 - same reason) After all of these accounts & ~3-4 years of League gameplay I feel confident enough in my history to be able to talk from a toxic player's perspective for any questions you may have. I will say though that I'm done getting accounts banned & that I'm doing my best to ensure that ShinodaChan doesn't follow the trend. It came close back in late April but it's been getting better since then. So yeah, if you have any questions you'd want to ask a formerly/still semi-toxic NA player feel free to ask. I may be able to shed some light on why toxic players seem so ridiculous. Side Note: I still have yet to get a response back to my ticket regarding this account's perma so wish me luck on that.
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