NB3 situation is pure example how Riot have no Shame

I will not debate does Nubrac deserve ban or not. I send tickets to riot on regular basics and trust me every player that I reported by ticket is 10 time worst then what Nubrac did,and you know what they rarely ,if ever get punishment.But when NB3 send message to Rioter fucking smallest mistake get punished ... How is that fair to community?How is that fair to regular players? Our reports does not matter right?Or at list not as much as NB3 report...???does that show you how Riot have no shame ??? he is banned for grief because he use some different tactic that teammates does not like,but when I report 1 15 player who run 1 vs 5 for no reason no one even consider that as bannable offense... This is pure example how Riot disrespect their customers !!!
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