Why iam not banned yet after feed and flame new players?

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After afk flaming and feed more than 10 games the only punishments that i get is 2 game chat restriction even after a lot of them told me that they will send screentshot and report me xD (yeah this happen even in -30 lvl), when in one of my mains playing rankeds i get a ban of 14 days after 1 game feeding and 1 chat restriction. My question is riot dont care about new players? (This is not the first time that i create a new acc and dont get ban even after feed more than 20 games in a row) This is my match history https://i.imgur.com/NEhoy9B.png[/img] jst look my nickname, they just got bored of ban me? act i send a ticket to riot asking for a ban in one of my accs and they just give me a free name change now iam sandnig... https://i.imgur.com/PKUpR93.png[/img] I even have a premade that i did after flame him and he report me every game and iam still not banned WTF? I literally flame every single player post and before the game and then i ask them for duo so they can flame me in voice chat and report me in all my games and a lot of them accept it, the last games i was with my premade and 3 randoms than i flame, i feed the game and insult them and they wanted kick me but they didn't LOL https://i.imgur.com/aCVXS5Y.png[/img] I'm sure I have almost hundred reports in my 2 accs.
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