We deserve better ranked environment during preseason

TL DR: Ranked games are hard to play during preseason, the chance of getting trolls and AFKs (in either team) increase dramatically. As a player that has been playing league for over 4 years, I would like to express my concern regarding ranked queue during preseason. Even though I fully understand that preseason means less competitive in ranked games, I still feel frustrating to encounter bunch of trolls and afks in my ranked games (in either team or both). This has happened way more than regular seasons, making ranked game almost impossible to play and less enjoyable. My thought is because people don't care that much about their LP or honor level. As a player who spend almost 90% games in ranked queue, I have to step aside and move to normal game to 'normally' play the game. My friends are experiencing these frustration too and the only way for us to play ranked normally is to premade as 5. Preseason are doomed to be mess, I get it. I could enjoy playing with teammates picking orianna bot or vayne jungle if they ARE ACTUALLY trying, but playing with lux with 6 tears and consistently running down mid is a torture. I prefer ranked over normal because most players are trying hard in ranked games and I will improve more if I play against the best states of them. Preseason, however, is actually a disaster for ranked queue players. What is the point of having ranked during preseason if we can't get a healthy and competitive ranked environment?
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