Wrongful Suspension: Falsely Accused of Racism :/

I played a blind pick where a teemo, annie, and a kayle were with me and my friend. My friend and I went bot lane. Instantly the other teammates began talking in what i believe is chinese. No biggie, ill just ask them if they speak good english. "No (turns out they kinda did); that's racist and a reportable offense." I argue back that no it isn't, and they continue to taunt and tell the enemy team that i said the N word. Now, as a 3 year player i KNOW riot can and will read the logs, so i just tell the enemy team that the teemo and annie are lying (kayle didnt say much). I then stop talking in chat (i didnt mute) but they continued to tell the other team that I am a racist and i should be reported. I'll admit, i did tell them to shut up. I did tell them to play the damn game. I did tell them, that they were basically being racist at me for being american and asking them to speak english. EVEN IF THEY COULDN'T this wouldnt have been an issue if they didn't accuse me of something so messed up. Fast forward after the lost game. We are now facing against them. They immediately start flaming me from the enemy team and tbh we got our butts whooped. Oh well. Game ends and i see my account is suspended for 2 weeks??? I just got the friggin trials pass and now i will lose out on loot i PAID for because i was falsely accused of being a racist. Ticket support wasnt working for some dang reason so i tried and email and now i must wait. I know im crying a stupid river but like, seriously riot? Yeah i made my mistakes but a suspension? Great birthday present i guess. TLDR; Randomly got falsely accused of racism and got my account suspended for 2 weeks over nothing. EDIT:: and yes, i reported all of them for verbal abuse. I have no idea if they actually got suspended as well or not, i just find it very aggravating that they probably got away and get to laugh now since riot informs the reporter about the situation when action is taken. Kind of messed up that people like that get to roam the game with smiles on their faces while I'm suspended wrongfully. EDIT 2:: My logs are down below on a comment. Wish it showed the whole team's logs, as that teemo was literally telling the enemy team i was saying the N word and constantly harassing me. EDIT 3:: All these downvotes for what? I'm so sorry that I asked someone if they knew english. I'm so sorry that i got accused of racism over something so stupid. But 90% of you browsing the forums aren't "perfect" in chat either. Fact of the matter was I got accused of something messed up and i got heated. I still wholeheartedly believe that this whole situation is fucked up in nature and heads up to anyone wanting to ask such simple things, that it's apparently a banable offense to ask what languages someone can speak. FINAL EDIT::::::: OK so i emailed support and forgot to update this thread but i see that it is still a bit active so i wanted to let everyone know, the rioter that emailed me back agreed that I was in no way using any form of hate speech, and understood that while some of my logs were uncalled for, i was aggravated and things were said out of anger of the situation. We talked a bit about the mute function, and how i should move forward with my behavior. I will say that the 2 week suspension WAS LIFTED.I received a 25 game chat restriction in it's place, (which gladly played through with no complaints) and am back on my account receiving honor rewards again. Thank you all that agreed with me that it was a shitty situation, and im very happy that things got worked out. Cheers :3
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