I feel frustrated by people who refuse to ff but also refuse to listen

http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Dakkimchi At 11 min, the enemy team has a fed fizz and a fed kaisa, due to the fact that midlane lost hard, and the enemy team snowballed bot. So at this point, I ask the team politely whether they want to ff or not. I did not point any fingers, but I cannot prove that since I don't have any records for that, so for the sake of my later argument, you will have to take my word for that. The team said they still wanted to try, that they say they want to play it out after 15. So I tell them that we can't fight under any circumstances until they dive (Tristana is an item behind, Midlaner hasn't even finished Banshees, and I'm the only tank). However, the enemy team also has low wave clear (Fizz and Kaisa are both low range). So I tell them to not go into the jungle and just wave clear, let trist farm until she has decent items. We have lux, ziggs support and a high ranged tristana, so we could stall with wave clear. But after that, Graves, Lux and Ziggs support proceed to chase the enemy and get themselves killed in the jungle. They don't respond to my pings, and they refuse to give farm for the Tristana. I don't understand this solo queue mentality. I laid out what I thought to be a rational win condition for my team, but they don't listen; it felt as if they just wanted the game to end quickly by fighting constantly. I'm fine with the Never-surrender culture for NA solo queue. But if people are going to not listen to a non-toxic, rational plan, I don't see why people don't surrender. I'm not a god player by any means, but no one in the team laid out a plan when we were at such a deficit, so I gave them something they could follow on. It's fine to reject the plan, but you have to communicate that with me. Just frustrated.
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