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I just got my account permabanned. I believe my exact words were "AFK farm" in all three games. I play adc and I had an Anivia Support, a Malzhar Support, then a very very trolly teemo support. I was about 7 kills and 40 CS behind. I had my Teemo support come into game late, and mentioned that the support was AFK. Then he stayed in the bush for 4 min while not moving. Pinged him a few times. When I did, he took 10 farm or so and shoved lane so I pinged him a bunch of times back. When he didn't listen I went top to help another lane. I was a bit incensed at the time so i told my team that I was going to AFK farm. It also didn't help that every other lane was losing at the time and I think the final kill score was something like 4-25. I went 1/7 but I was being tower dove every other second and it didn't help that I was left to my own devices. My Malzhar support would just spam his Space stuff on minions and shove wave when i would ping him back he would sit in fountain for 2 min then come and ult a random player then afk again. Then my Anivia support had no idea what was going on, and even though we won he int'd. That was the hardest carry I ever had in my life. I was reported for failure to communicate and bad language. I didn't flame nor did I failure to communicate. I actually muted everyone when everyone started arguing. First of all. Should I have been permabanned? I was dishonored for a deserved ban recently and I've done nothing but be positive, or just not talk. I've tried willing games with good behavior, and these last 3 games I just got caught with bad players. Am I a troll, or have I been given just a bad ban?
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