Is Riot Too Aggressive with Judging Bans?

I was given a 10 game chat restriction from two games. The chat itself is obviously given to me, but of course it’s only my chat and not the others: Game 1: I had an Annie mid who had an attitude, I obviously also had an attitude. The ‘offensive’ words used were loser, slow, idiot and bronze buddy. I don’t recall wether I or the mid actually started the altercation. I feel there is a point in everyones life, especially the gaming community, where you start sticking up for yourself. Game 2: I was playing support and I had an apparent (unknown to me) new player to league. Im talking enemy adc had 9 times cs when I said something. Im talking heal at half health with no enemies around. Im talking I pinged her, the ward trinket, ?’d the bot riv bush and then said ward the bush with no understanding. When I am playing a video game I expect the minimum expectation of players is the ability to read. Anyways I told the adc to focus, and that she way behind on cs and then (now known) premade mid told me to calm down and that she was knew. I was confused why someone would recommend add (where you have to watch the mini map, the minions, your support, enemy support, enemy adc, and abilities) and so that turned into educational debate. The words again were “tard” (I didn’t say this until after he called me a “r%%%%%” twice, loser, and other minors words. This game just happened which is why it’s so vivid. After the debate was over I apologized to the adc. The premade of the adc all chatted multiple times to report me. The importance: Is riot too eager/aggressive regarding their criteria to ban? Should riot program to look for apologies? Should you be “allowed” to stick up for yourself? Should riot look at the chat of the report-er when determining a ban?
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