14 days ban

Just read the text and see how dumb the League system can be: Game 1 In-Game xChef69: shaco afk xChef69: report shaco xChef69: pls xChef69: gg xChef69: report shaco please xChef69: gg xChef69: nice bot xChef69: yasuo gg xChef69: EZ xChef69: yep xChef69: nida 2 q and dead xChef69: :*( xChef69: Xddd xChef69: you are too dumb bro xChef69: kid Thank you Riot games,you shows again that you are only for the money,banned for calling someone dumb,oh nooo i am such a terrible and toxic person,i should go to jail,maybe i should play Fortnite honestly.
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