Punishment System

Can we talk about the reporting system and the inability to honor the enemies? First off, The bad about the reporting system what exactly is punishable and how much does someone have to be reported before any (if any) action is taken against a person, the only three I am aware of are "chat muted" "player suspended" and "perma banned". If some fucking dickhead in my game is 0/7 13 minutes in, and he refuses to stop being toxic or is braindead and can't communicate or understand pings what am I supposed to do with him? What is there to do when someone on your team is dedicated to losing the game** and **tilting teammates. Second, I miss being able to honor my enemies. It was the best form of sportsman ship I have EVER seen in a game. The only game im aware of that is popular and has this is overwatch (and its a bit of a secret to get to the screen to honor them). Sometimes fuck yeah, that yasuo/zed outplayed the shit outta me and I gotta hand it to him. Its not even the players being toxic anymore its all this champion cockiness that seems to be coming out of nowhere which BTW first appeared with the Fire Elemental Lux Skin. I liked it more when you had to CHOOSE to taunt and not have champions blabbering the fuck on about what an easy kill that was, or HoW cOuLd I hAvE dIeD.
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