Punished for defending an enemy who was being bullied by his team, Riot advises to not defend him

**Update:** Faith in riot lost, [they confirmed that the punishment was correct](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/ExygQgiE-follow-up-thread-riot-found-my-punishment-for-defending-an-enemy-who-was-being-bullied-correct). I suggest people read **this** thread before that one though, to get a better idea of the situation. ---- Let's start with the chat log. I have marked "(all)" on those messages that I'm 100% sure of, but a few of the non-marked ones could've been all chat too, the chat log box doesn't show it so it's all from my memory. Anyways, this is irrelevant since I'm not complaining of my punishment, but more of that later on: > Game 1 > mah1foo: gj bot > mah1foo: top won ^^ > mah1foo: ty for ping :D > mah1foo (all): int? > mah1foo (all): he's not inting > mah1foo (all): inting means intentionally feeding > mah1foo (all): it's not the same as giving up > mah1foo (all): he might be doing wrong, but he's not inting that's for sure > mah1foo (all): he hasn't died a single time intentionally > mah1foo (all): that means he's not inting > mah1foo (all): he might have given up and start trolling > mah1foo (all): But he never inted > mah1foo (all): inting = INTENTIONALLY feeding > mah1foo (all): how is he even trolling? > mah1foo (all): no we wont > mah1foo (all): why? > mah1foo (all): What has he done? > mah1foo (all): so what is he supposed to do? > mah1foo (all): come top and die over and over again? > mah1foo (all): if he gets no ganks he has no otehr options > mah1foo (all): i kill him litrally with 3 autos > mah1foo (all): giving me 5 more kills is trying to win? > mah1foo (all): I can dive him any second > mah1foo (all): as soon as I see him I can dive him > mah1foo (all): no that would be you > mah1foo (all): you wanna try come 1v1 me ? > mah1foo (all): try "play safe" under turret mate > mah1foo (all): let's see how fast I dive you > mah1foo (all): ?= > mah1foo (all): play safe mate > mah1foo (all): stop trol lpls > mah1foo: maybe, but did darius's team help him ? > mah1foo (all): he's not afk, he's stopping top super minions from destoying your nexus turrets > mah1foo (all): wtf > mah1foo (all): just because he lost lane doesn't make him an evil super troll > mah1foo (all): no he was mid back then > mah1foo: mf can you explain then? > mah1foo: what did he do wrong? > mah1foo: he said "open top", that's it > mah1foo: he didn't do anything else > mah1foo: he came still top twice more and died both times > mah1foo: so he didn't really give up, he just said it > mah1foo: but he didn't > mah1foo: he said he would ,but he didn't > mah1foo: does that mean he should be banned? > mah1foo: yes he said that > mah1foo: but he didn't leave it open > mah1foo: he still came top twice after > mah1foo: should we ban him because he said he opens even thoug he didn't? > mah1foo: no? > mah1foo: i would report our jg > mah1foo: not ganking once and the nflaming > mah1foo: ww died to me at lvl 3 > mah1foo: gave me my first kill > mah1foo: then he never came back even though iwas stronger than darius > mah1foo: and now they flame darius when he lsot top? :D > mah1foo: what is he supposed to do > mah1foo: if his jungler feeds his enemy and he doesn't get any ganks and i can dive him > mah1foo: what should he do? > mah1foo: no let's all report him for losing lane > mah1foo: that's bannable offense nowadays > mah1foo: he never gave up :) > mah1foo (all): baited to lose game :D > mah1foo (all): wp ww I figured this wasn't really fair since I was doing my best to be the good guy here, so I sent a hopeful ticket to support and got back an answer that I did not expect: > Hi and thanks for bla bla, we don't tolerate shit etc. > ... > **In such situations, the best things you can do are to mute any player that is having an offensive attitude and to report them. This way, you will help us clean-up the community and you will always be on the safe side.** I can't believe this. I no longer care for my honor levels or even my League account,** this is no longer about me.** First of all, I'm not the one being bullied, how does it help the person being bullied if I mute the enemies? Second, how does it help the person being bullied if I report the bullies? He's unlikely to ever see them again anyways. Both of these advises focus on me and the bullies, and thus they're both wrong advises to give. Here in Finland, we're taught to stand up against the bullies and **show those who are being bullied that we care for them and they're not alone**. Riot advises the opposite, Riot advises you to be a bystander and watch the bullying. In Finland we call those bystanders bullies too. Again, and trust me when I say that I can't emphasise this enough, this man was being legit harassed. They called him by some of the most awful names, told him to uninstall, and blamed the whole loss on him. And Riot advises me to shut up and let the system do its thing? Yeah sure, I personally don't care for the bullies, let the system take care of them, they'll get what they deserve. But answer me this: will the system make the Darius player feel any better? What if he's already depressed and League is his main thing in life, maybe he's got no friends outside of League? Will it make him happier that the system might give the bullies a 10 game chat restriction, when he's being called an idiotic retard who should never play the game ever again? The answer is no. He probably won't even know if the people got punished or not, and even if he's lucky enough to get the feedback message, it can just be a 10 game chat restriction. In the worst case scenario he doesn't even know how to report people, there are very young and vulnerable people playing this game. Riot's advise is to hope that those flaming bullies can't talk for 10 games, or maybe they'll even have to pay $10 for a new ebay account. Well I'm sorry Riot, but I value people's emotional and mental health over my own League account. I will continue to defend those who deserve to be defended. I will buy a hundred accounts if I have to. But this shit has got to stop. The system is broken. **Edit:** And for my own sake before Riot goes nuts, no, my account is not bought. **Edit 2:** It was just a 10 game CR and I don't care about my punishment. What I do care about is how the Darius handled being bullied, and the fact that Riot is telling me not to defend those who are being bullied. They didn't tell me I defended too aggressively or anything like that, they told me to close my eyes to the bullying next time and not defend at all. That I do care about.
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