Hello everyone , i've been playing league since season 4. I created my account and took screenshots at every "milestone" (ex: first champ purchased , first refunds , first rp purchase , first gift , first penta, etc..) . I have never been banned for toxicity or anything . I went to paris as an exchange student and had to play in different computers there . I've spent all of my savings on rp (around 700euro because i cant buy riot points in my homeland) . Unfortunately my account somehow got hacked once . I created a support ticket to get it back and after 2 weeks of providing informations about the account i finally got it back. Few months later i logged in and found out that my account was permanently banned , so i had to reconfirm my ownership to the support agent but they infomed me that my account has been suspended because it was "compromised many times" ! I created others tickets trying to find a way to get my account back , they kept telling me the same thing "Your account has been compromised many times" , i told the support agent that it literally got hacked once and gave him a screenshot of my support tickets , all he had to say back is ""As mentioned previously, we cannot get into details related to the investigation that was performed for your account nor all the factors and circumstances that led to the permanent suspension."" Please help me , i've put so much effort,time and money and this is what i am getting in return ? not even a solid argument why my account has been permanently banned Thank you
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