Unfairly Suspended for 14 Days

Hello fellow summoners, I was recently suspended for 14 days because of "abusive, player reported comms." Before anybody searches up my [op.gg ](http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=2girls1Michael), I'll save you the trouble. I admit to being a {{champion:157}} main. Regardless, I don't think a 14 day suspension was necessary for my punishment. There were only two games in question, only one of which where I could find any sort of negativity. I felt like a chat restriction would have been more appropriate in this case. I'm seeking the community's advice and thoughts on my punishment to determine whether or not it is justified. [Chat](https://pastebin.com/jdiyH2G8) logs for those who are interested. Thanks in advance, {{champion:157}} main seeking guidance.
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