There needs to be something done with frequent afkerss

Something has to be done. I just had a game where somebody just rage quit left. I know they arent getting in trouble but this is the 5th time today. I'm gonna start afking on purpose and see how well the punishment does. I'm sure it sucks cuz the worse thing ill get is a longer wait time during queue. No wonder people dont care and afk so often. edit: heh so i just went into a game, waited till 3 minutes then disconnected my internet intentionally. Now my teammates will lose and i wont get punished for it. Ahaha truly amazing rage quit punishment for team based game. I'm gonna do it again after this game is over and then play 3 games without leaving and then leave again :) The punishments are ass and if one afk can ruin my game, why not i just ruin everyones. edit 2: Ahaha so i logged back in and it said yada yada yada and i typed in "I Agree". Then now im gonna play 3 intro bot games and then gonna afk the next pvp game. lol i made 4 people suffer 4v5 and lose while my punishment was nothing. edit 3: Lol so i played 3 intro bots. then played pvp and left at 4 minutes. Logged back in and there wasnt even an afk thingy telling me to say "i agree". Literally zero punishment. Not even a 5 minute queue. Yet the people i left had to suffer a losing game. Ahaha amazing. So I can ruin people's game and barely get in trouble for afking
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