Intentional Feeder Doesn't get Banned and the Victim Does. Great game.

Recently, I met an ADC main on promo to D1: [removed by moderation] . Without any exaggeration, he ran it down bot after successfully destroying the tier 1 turret and managed to single-handedly lose the game for the team. He refused to leave bot lane and kept suiciding by shoving into bottom tier 2 turret. **Reason: he got into a game with a support who he had bad experiences with.** Here's the match history of the game he/she and I was in (if riot wants to check it out): [removed by moderation] Although I do admit that I was toxic in other games due to constant _negative winrate Plat 1, Plat 2_ players getting into high diamond queues somehow, **I'm perplexed** as to why this game's chat log was used as an evidence to my 14-day suspension. Here's the chat log: > Game 2 Pre-Game Kemdi: let's Kemdi: fucking Kemdi: go Kemdi: you can pick me aatrox if you want Kemdi: ripperino Kemdi: do you win top once you get lead? Kemdi: this game is mad free Kemdi: our team fight In-Game Kemdi: their mid autofill Kemdi: sup main Kemdi: and their jg smurfing Kemdi: let's not give vi early advantage Kemdi: hm Kemdi: u sure Kemdi: they will be 5? Kemdi: late invade? Kemdi: vi might start red Kemdi: 610 Kemdi: 610 ez f Kemdi: WOW Kemdi: wp Kemdi: fk Kemdi: xD Kemdi: slow Kemdi: we win late Kemdi: 100% Kemdi: wait Kemdi: how Kemdi: was he not seen Kemdi: wait Kemdi: you used the plant Kemdi: bot sum,s? Kemdi: idk about this Kemdi: hax Kemdi: corki slow Kemdi: is insane Kemdi: i'm gonna Kemdi: play around top for now Kemdi: no f Kemdi: but idk Kemdi: lmfao Kemdi: what Kemdi: . Kemdi: xd Kemdi: ah Kemdi: what is thar Kemdi: r range Kemdi: wtf.. Kemdi: nami had no r? Kemdi: :( Kemdi: mb Kemdi: so fucking dumb . . . . (this was directed towards myself because I made a horrible decision) Kemdi: wait Kemdi: lux kill Kemdi: gonna be a problem Kemdi: a useful drag Kemdi: wait Kemdi: gow Kemdi: how Kemdi: BUDDY Kemdi: |WHAT? Kemdi: wait Kemdi: is our ad Kemdi: trolling? Kemdi: yo Kemdi: don't fight Kemdi: at all Kemdi: let's play around trist Kemdi: since he doesn't group Kemdi: and if i'm not there Kemdi: why fight Kemdi: we are Kemdi: actually even now Kemdi: .. Kemdi: pelase.. Kemdi: what.. Kemdi: report our ad pls Kemdi: :) Kemdi: 100% inting Kemdi: what's your problem Kemdi: ? Kemdi: like why.. Kemdi: why.. Kemdi: iu hust Kemdi: did we Kemdi: flame? Kemdi: what did i do Kemdi: to deserve this Kemdi: i'm so confused Kemdi: ye Kemdi: actually Kemdi: griefing Kemdi: like Kemdi: we didn't flame at all Kemdi: w didn't even type to him Kemdi: what? Kemdi: absolutely no reason Kemdi: i'm so confused Kemdi: are people Kemdi: actually this mentally disabled? . . . . (wow i'm so toxic for this one, but intentionally feeding should be associated with mental issues, no?) Kemdi: oh god.. Kemdi: i mean Kemdi: 900 games d1 Kemdi: but stilll Kemdi: i Kemdi: don't Kemdi: understand Kemdi: why do people Kemdi: int.. Post-Game Kemdi: l Kemdi: o Kemdi: l Kemdi: that was Kemdi: much after > Kemdi: he started inting I will gladly accept this suspension if **[removed by moderation] ** also gets one, or permanently banned.
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