Banned Players - A Solution to Not Get Perma

So I posted this elsewhere kinda. So for the first time in all my years i was chat restricted and banned. I was a bit surprised and somewhat angry. However, after a good 14 day cool off period I have thought of a few things to stop other players to get banned forever. One, mute the players on your team and let them know you are on a chat restriction or banned. Play your best and get ready to be bored. Yeah, you will keep your account but you will not get to speak with other players, the point of online gaming. Two, DO NOT use this for your place to blow off steam after work. Their "new and improved" punishment system does not take into account context. If you put any type of comment that does not line up with current cultural or political views of the far left, kiss your account goodbye. Three, find a different place to play if you want to talk "poo" (see we can all be politically correct) and just have fun. Do not joke in a crude way at all. Again, go back to point one, mute all players. Do not even be tempted to joking around. I went back to Eve Online where I can rant, joke and in general have a good time in fleet battles. Four, do not spend any money on skins ectr if you already are in a banned or restricted manner. You will eventually lose it all if you can not follow the simple rules from above. Keep these rules in mind and treat this game like you would work, be professional and do not say a word. You might find, as i am, it is similar to work. It is work. Fifth, get your stress out with something physical. I am a BJJ guy and went back to rolling hard. I liked LoL because I felt like it was a place that I could blow off steam and have fun, but i realize there are better activities out there and better games out there for those purposes. Lastly, if this game tend to piss you off because of the chat comments or actions of other players, probably not the game to play. I see the future where I no longer log into LoL in a consistent manner anymore and I definitely will not be purchasing anymore skins ectr. Some of us just do not have the personality type to take shit from other people, myself included.
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