An Anecdote of Salt and Trolling

It was a normal day in league. Birds were chirping. Dragons were flying. Salty Diamond Xin Zhao was mad about his main's perm ban. Decided he was going to farm jungle all game to protest Insulted everyone trying to help him. Charged every enemy that came in range of him for a death while spamming idc. IFS would soon catch the mans scent and issue a penalty. "But this isn't news" I hear you say, "THis happens all the time. " But a funny thing happened when I went to watch his next game.... He was with the Teemo from our match, as if they had duo'd after. Curious, I add the adc for a peek into what happened. Teemo, now playing Alistair, had his teemo banned and had announced his own intention to hard feed. Apparently Xin, now playing Jax, was the angel this match, holding all lanes in a desperate attempt to keep the match going, handing over every buff to a fellow laner. Apparently argued with Alistair the entire match, well, within the limits of his fresh chat restriction, that is. Is this the dichotomy between good and evil? One day you're the sheep, and one day you are the wolf? Or were the two in cahoots, to keep the pain train rolling after Xin/Jaxo's incoming new ban? Will the world ever know?
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