Do you think riot has the right to ban accounts ?

This game is the best game that i have ever played im not gonna lie but sometimes the people who work and make decisions could the be the worst people Do you think is fair to ban someone's account after collecting the bunch of skins and champions, and climbing to diamond, having over 20k blue essence should be banned? it's all started with saying "fuck" i do believe everyone is saying this word but they actually did not get banned.I said it and I NEVER mean to offened someone, it's for a joke but when ur team lose in NORMAL GAME they actually dont look at thier mistake they look at who should we blame, i played zed as supporting (i got new skin and i wanted to try it for the first time) mid was taken everything was taken but support everyone knows this i believe i didnt troll my adc, in fact, we won the lane so nicely,then we start chating and chating but no one acutally knows that riot record what you type it looks creepy and scarry to use against. Cus of saying "fuck" i get banned for 14 days and people out there saying it continuesly everyday everygame no one is punishing them the funny part is that i used to have aweful laptop who cant run lol very well i bought a new one just to play this dumb game,after this sitiuation riot let me down and i hope after they made us addicted to this game understand that it is wrong to ban someone's account who's level is over 100 get banned for saying "fuck" to someone it could be offensive i understand but im used to chat the whole time and never happens now without an alert and warning they start to be the cool riot gg riot
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