Suspended permanently but not sure why.

Alrighty. I'm not sure what I did to get this account banned. But I would assume that they would send me an email or a message on the league of legends website but I haven't received anything. There's no telling how long this account has been banned because I haven't played it in at least 1 year, I would just like to know why (if possible). I may or may not have done something wrong in the past, so I'm not claiming it to be falsely banned, I would just like to know exactly why I was banned in the first place. Again, I've checked all my emails and only have 1 from riot games, and that's my welcome email from when I created the account. No messages or emails on this website and the support site didn't seem to help all too much. Maybe it's because of my name, but I assume they would change it if it breaks any rules idk.
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