Hi, just have one simple question to a Rioter

Recently I got perma banned for flame and this caused me to think in depth a little bit about your new honor system. If you will take a look at my match history, you will see a bunch of games where I had quite decent stats, usually on plus like that one for example: https://imgur.com/a/LfDA6L5 or that one https://imgur.com/a/odbiMfN or that fucking game https://imgur.com/a/O3TpObU ----------------------------------------- I got perma banned because of those, and my question is actually quite simple: What the fuck am I supposed to do when I'm having trolling premades or a guy that is 2/10 and doesn't give a shit. Should I clap or something? Congratulate to him that he is wasting my fucking time, because both of them dont want to surr? WHO THE FUCK CARES THAT YOU ACTUALLY TRY TO WIN THE GAME AND PLAY BY THE RULES, YOU. WILL. GET. PUNISHED. BECAUSE YOU DARE TO CARE AND ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY THE GAME NORMALLY. Oh wait, we are having a fuckign troll teemo who's 0/9 and obviously loses intentionally, you can report him, BUT THIS WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, HE WILL NOT GET ANY PUNISHMENT OR BAN BECAUSE ITS FUCKING OK TO TROLL AND FEED BUT ITS NOT FUCKING OK TO CARE Oh wait, we are having a trolling Rek'sai that if you will look at the way this guys played, it is FUCKING obvious that he trolled..... BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES THAT HE GETS 5 REPORTS, IF YOU DARE TO TELL HIM THAT HE IS MAKIING THE TEAM LOSE, YOU CAN COUNT TO GET BANNED. oh what's that a 2/10 troll twitch on fucking jg; -> You cant go afk because you will get punished, although everyone already knows that the game is lost. If you will try to leave because you dont want tto waste your fucking time, you can count to get ban and extended Q. -> You cant tell him anything because if you dare to, you can count on ban and reports from him and his premades. -> YOU CANT DO FUCKING ANYTHING AND HE WILL NOT GET PUNISHED FOR TROLLING BECAUSE RIOT DOESNT FUCKING CARE ------------------------------------------ So let me ask again. What should I do, if I encounter a player in a game that actually fucking trolls with his premade, and they are dancing in dragon pit and feeding. WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?? I cant go afk cuz I can expect a ban. I cant tell them that they are shit because I will get ban. I shoud fucking smile and be happy, that's exactly what you feel when AGAIN someone fucks up your game. Should I tell them that they are doing a good job? Clap and be glad that yet another game gets fucked and you wasted again 20 fucking minutes???!?!??!?!?!?! Because obviously they will not get banned or punished BECAUSE TROLLING IS FUN AND ITS OK, BUT PLAYING TEH GAME NORMALLY SHOULD BE PUNISHED. --------------------------------------------------------- Since the start of the game I have never ever get any kind of ban, up until last year (14 days one) and now, perma. Well your fuckign retarted system somehow doesnt fuckign work because somehow in past everythign was cool and somehow I was not considered to be flamer and I was entilted to all ranked prizes. But yeah, some fuckign retared dog at Riot came up with a great fucking idea that no longer you will get prizes for being good, you will get now prizes for having fucking premades that will spam you with honors every fuckign game. WHO CARES THAT YOU ARE CONSTANTLY TROLLING, YOU WILL GET YOUR PRIZES BECAUSE YOUR A NOT A DIRTI, HORRIBLE FLAMER THAT TRIES TO FUCKIGN CARRY. ------------------------------------- I wish I have not wasted so much time on this retared game, a game that punishes you for playing it by the rules and game that rewards those who destroy enjoyment of others. But I guess r%%%%%s at Riot think that not feeling fuckign angry after someone fucks up what you tried to achieve for past 40 minutes is normal. Luckly now I understand how the game should be played now, thanks Riot! Since now I guarantee you, I will be constantly making new accounts and I'll be trolling each fucking game, because taht's waht the company considers as teh right fuckign way of playing the game. I expect you to ban all of those who dare to say anything bad about me. I will be keeping you up to date, ok?
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