Everything in this subsection will get downvoted lol

Unless you're one of those "Hah, look at all these dishonourable scumbags trying to pretend they're good people!" people who make shitposts like that for attention. Or a Rioter. I'll admit there are problems with the banning system. My black friend said "my n###a" to me after I got a pentakill one game, and he immediately got a 14-day suspension afterwards for that one game. It's dumb. But the second someone dares make a post on here saying, "I got banned for saying 'my n###a' to my friend in a friendly way!!" they'll get downvoted to hell by every single person on here. And that's what I see in this whole subsection! A whole lot of posts being downvoted, with the exception of one "Show us your chatlogs, you dishonourable scum!!!" post that got upvoted. Y'all must be really, really, **really** damn cynical if you enjoy surfing this subsection just to see, laugh at and downvote the pain of people who got banned.
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