Is "Being Drunk or High" an excuse for Feeding

How often have you been in a game where there is that one guy who is just off the walls feeding And how often when asked what the issue is they respond "I just smoked weed so lol" or "I'm so Drunk Dude" Now i have never been Drunk due to being the age of 20 in the United States nor have i ever been high But from my experiences with people who have done both, Most people, if they are inebriated to the point where it is an excuse then why can they type eloquently and form coherent thoughts has led me to believe most of those people are lying in both and attempt to "Look Cool" and to excuse their poor play. Edit:I guess i need to clarify that this is in regards to Rank Edit 2:Wow this has been a very hard debated discussion and i appreciate everyone's contributions so far but i would like to clarify I Am A Nobody,This discussion is more of a "should the Guy/Girl/Void Creature behind the screen be at their best when playing ranked" We are all aware that we cannot actually check to make sure that they are actually inebriated but I wanted to raise the question "In an ideal world where we could know for certain would it be acceptable"?
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