ok so i was recently a dick in a ranked game and got placed in low priority queue for 5 games and i know i have anger issues sometimes so i served my time and when it came to the last game i decided to go back into ranked, i was so optimistic about this game and i even got mid and got to play my fav champ and i was AMPED for this game but also about three days ago i got gastroenteritis and ive been getting really bad cramps and other digestive system issues so right before the game got into the loading screen my stomach entered world war 3 and i had to blast off to the toilet and when i got back the game had already loaded but my team remaked the game and i got another 5 games in low priority queue and i didnt mean to afk so is there anyway this ban can be lifted/excused this time. rito i beg plz. i didnt mean it
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