How is this Permaban worthy?

First game after 14 days ban on my smurf Plat 1 Game, enemy jungler is basicly afk first 3 Levels (twitch) and is 0/2, our jungle still manages to get outleveld by him (wukong) thats basicly inting (or griefing), there is no other way a player is this bad other than hes eloboosted I obviously tilt over it, I still dont see any way that this should be a permaban if this is truly "top 0.006%" of toxic players then Riot hasnt seen a single game in EU in D3+ lol Link to the Game: I would even understand If i showed behaviour like this for 2-3 games straight, but seriously? 1 Game where I dont even attack anyone personally and I get an instant perma? People that int but dont make it obvious will never get banned, but people that get triggered by it get the instant smite, sick system Game 1 Anganburni: wukong Anganburni: are Anganburni: you Anganburni: trolling Anganburni: LOL Anganburni: what Anganburni: a Anganburni: stupid retard Anganburni: lmao Anganburni: you wanna Anganburni: stop jax Anganburni: before he gets op? Anganburni: that Anganburni: wu Anganburni: is so bad Anganburni: lol Anganburni: 3 permapushed lanes Anganburni: and he has no impact Anganburni: so sad Anganburni: open Anganburni: this Anganburni: pls Anganburni: pls Anganburni: opemn Anganburni: i dont wanna play Anganburni: with such a cancer terrible Anganburni: jungler Anganburni: hes Anganburni: a level down Anganburni: to twitcht Anganburni: LOL Anganburni: hahahahahahahahahaha Anganburni: HES A LEVEL DOWN Anganburni: TO A 0/2 TWITCH Anganburni: dude Anganburni: you realize Anganburni: the only reason we lose Anganburni: is because Anganburni: trash plat cancers Anganburni: queue jungle Anganburni: and have nop idea what to do Anganburni: this wu is SO bad Anganburni: stfu you retarded shit Anganburni: lets lose this fast Anganburni: i have no time for shit players Anganburni: wukong Anganburni: pls Anganburni: refund Anganburni: that champ Anganburni: and never queue jungle again Anganburni: you are disgustingly bad Anganburni: at the game Anganburni: you are a level down Anganburni: to TWITCH Anganburni: JUNGLE Anganburni: LOL Anganburni: we Anganburni: dont win Anganburni: this Anganburni: can we ff? Anganburni: ff Anganburni: pls Anganburni: just ff Anganburni: ff it Anganburni: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Anganburni: XD Anganburni: i literally Anganburni: said Anganburni: wukong gout outleveld by a twitch jungle Anganburni: which is a fact Anganburni: and is sad Anganburni: its so sad Anganburni: how bad this guy is Anganburni: i cant believe Anganburni: literally Anganburni: top mid and bot were permapushing Anganburni: and this guy still didnt do anything lol Anganburni: twitch literally Anganburni: was 3 levels down Anganburni: and still outleveld Anganburni: wukong Anganburni: its actually impossible Anganburni: i think Anganburni: wu must be inting Anganburni: theres no other way Anganburni: gg wp Anganburni: gg
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