Banned For Taking Ghost/Cleanse Strategically So apparently I griefed for taking cleanse/ghost as a strategic choice when the opponent against a veigar that I can't move past without as a rengar queued for top lane. Some backstory: I'm the top laner that went rengar. The jungler went soraka without smite and copied my summoners to try to force a dodge (autofilled player that doesn't play jungle whatsoever the typical NA ranked game with positional ranking). Proceeds to pick soraka with ghost and cleanse because he's actually griefing Afterwards the 3 other players decide to go afk immediately from minute 0. I type nothing and play out the game by going to my assigned top lane and lose my main role's lp regardless from the troll. So if taking ghost + cleanse = suspension while typing NOTHING in game and NOT feeding, why are the summoners allowed to be taken together? I guess riot's perfectly okay if you actually grief if you take any other summoners. But god forbid you end the game with 0 deaths with ghost and cleanse. Oh, and even better was that there were 3 afk people on my team because of the jungler deliberately not taking smite. Was I going to somehow win the game with conventional summoners in a diamond ranked game with a jungler that picked soraka and ran down bot? Tyler1 has done off-meta at various random points i.e. picking adc kayle with no flash or this amazing beauty of predator ghost heimerdinger in challenger which I don't see him being banned for : It appalls me that a Rioter didn't even have the decency to even look at the match replay when they respond to tickets on suspensions these days. The adc and mid laner are level 1 and level 2 in game when our nexus exploded. I actually played the game out, took their top lane turret, and proceed to get a 2 week ban for griefing while having 0 deaths with the highest gold and levels on my team. I bought a doran's shield, went top lane immediately, and laned. Normally. TLDR: took ghost + cleanse top lane as a strategic choice vs veigar as a melee assassin that is hardcountered by his E, type nothing. End game with 0 deaths and most farm + gold while laning top lane. Get banned b/c game is lost. Here's my extensive chat in game aka none whatsoever: Prelobby I typed 'gogogo' at the last seconds, expecting the soraka to dodge since he was trying to get everyone in the lobby to play chicken for it. Riot Legendary's response: 'You didn't feed but you took ghost and cleanse so we're banning you.' Funny thing is I've played shit like cleanse/ghost zilean in the past and not been banned probably since we won. But moment I lose with it i'm banned while trying to play legitimately. So what happened to this video Riot?
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