Ban system is rigged?

Ok. So. Once upon a time there was a jinx in a ranked game who spammed chat calling us idiots and morons and etc she trashed talked me for being a moronic jg whenever she died because she was hugging enemy tower and the only things i said that game were Jinx chill, Shhhh, but i didn't mute her i wanted to see her full super rage form when we lost because she 1v5 and she did and it was funny Unfortunately she didn't get punished when the whole team reported her Now Keep in mind i never talk in chat because were in premades{{champion:50}} But we had a solo in a ofa we had a solo pick swain which we didn't want to we wanted to play trundle to do the funny pushing trundle my friend tried trolling by picking bard which gave the 20% chance to bard and swain and we got swain In the game i started speaking gibberish like this smdoiksdmdciosdamcoismcoisdamfiosdamjfoisdamcoisejmiofhjniounfiunsdjnfokjlsndaofnsaoifnsofm ;OADIADOPADPJIOASMDLKMLKLlkmiosanfdoanfdoa sfasfdasdfs Then i told the swain main to leave my main like GAWHDS THe **** Me LEANE KILL STEALER then said eat sh** only had 12 lines and mostly was just gibberish in beginning showing my reaction to getting swain and got 14 day ban Now keep in mind this is One game and only 1 person reported me which was the solo guy But in the jinx game she didnt get chat res or banned i only had 12 lines whilee jinx had 100+lines talking crap about how useless we are and etc while saying in caps and u shouldnt even be born u stupids I would love to show jinx game chat but i cant do that for unknown reasons {{champion:222}}
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