The age-old question.Will Riot Unban accounts for its 10 yr birthday?

Hi Riot,players and other wonderers of the realm.As my original account(anonimos2001) has been banned for 1 year now i've had some time to think and wanted to ask direcly.So my question to Riot Games (and a good topic that everyone is interested in) is If for their 10th anniversary we will get a chance to redeem ourselves and recover our precious accounts which we have invested a ton of time,effort and money,and would they consider changing their ban system so we do not suffer as much(for example just to chat ban instead of banning the account as a whole).Well Riot someone had to ask so i done did it.Well after all this is your game so you make up the rules and if you say no we can't do anything about it.I hope you at least consider it.We have know eachother for about 8 years now and i might say that i quite understand where you come from (i've had my share of toxic players too).Wish you best of luck. Your friendly Singed (not joke intended) player, NearToGodd.{{summoner:13}}
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