What's being done?

Is there any information about what's being done about: 1. Matchmaking; It's broke. It's not doing what's intended. It matches players who have literally no business playing together. I'm really sick of being the only silver on my team while fighting golds and above. 2. "intentionally not feeding, but feeding" people; I mean like the 0/15/1 gp that goes to lane and dies, goes to lane and dies... But it's just a bad game... right... 3. Assholes... It's beyond "don't be a jerk anymore" it's str8 up assholes who just run around ruining games. I don't care where you fall on the singed issue. Being an asshole and playing kat support and zed adc while flaming your team to adapt isn't ok. 4. Team Recruitment in the client.... Team Recruitment board is a complete failure. We need a way to find people that's from RIOT and preferably in client. I see this as the single best improvement that can be made to the lol community. 5. Honor system is complete garbage. There's literally nothing in this game that rewards good behavior. It's just penalties and disguised penalties. 6. Visible Reporting. We should know that our reports do something. Much more than the 2-3 pop ups a year that say something happened. Let us know that we reported 100 people and 90 of them it increased their penalty tier if reported again. Let us know for our own sanity that justice is being served. Would really like to know why the worst of the worst issues that plague our community have absolutely nothing being done about them.
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