I thought I was doing what she wanted

So, I'm a 650k teemo main on my one account. I was playinjg top and was against a pyke and died in a lvl 2 gank from a khazix. However, i was way up on pyke in farm and a lvl up too since he missed xp. I kept pushing. I was sitting around 20 farm and 2 plates up and kha ganks and i die again. My support says that i'm bad at top. I'm open to the idea, so i figure the best way to deal with this is to not be top. i can't die top and piss off my support if i'm not top, right? So i go bot with her and her adc and just leave top open. I communicate that I am going to do this in chat. Then when i show up bot they call me troll. They call me toxic and say i need to go back top. I explain that "im trash, as zyra clearly said and my 2 deaths indicate, so I can't go back top otherwise, i'll just feed more." They then start calling for reports in all chat. Instead of counterflaming I capitulate immediately. I thought I was giving her exactly what she wanted. How is it toxic? Edit: i wasn't banned for this game. I was just pointing this out to the community as dumb shit that the playerbase does.
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