Not Everyone Reacts the Same to Toxicity

Just because a certain word, a certain phrase, a certain amount of negativity or something wouldn't bother you doesn't make it okay to say. We're all humans. We react differently. Some people are younger and aren't used to that kind of stuff. Some are just more sensitive than others- and there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people aren't offended, just annoyed. It doesn't make them a "whiny b*tch" if they report you for calling everyone bad, spamming their KDAs, and threatening to AFK. It makes them a normal person who doesn't want to deal with negativity when they're trying to have fun and play a game. Saying "well it wouldn't have bothered me" is not, and will never be, a valid argument. I'm bringing this up because I've seen a lot of posts lately where people complain about how "sensitive" this community is and how it's so dumb that they got a restriction and and and. Me, I'm somewhere in the middle. If someone's harassing me about something all game, then I'll get irritated and most likely do worse as a result. It never helps. But an occasional comment of "lol that was a dumb play you made" is something I can laugh off. Now, I'm not saying that's okay. It never helps, ever, and there's a good chance it'll hurt someone's performance. I may still report you even if I'm not that bothered because I don't want other people to have to deal with that. People are different than me, and I can respect that. TL;DR: Everyone's different, just because something doesn't bother you doesn't make it okay to say. Toxicity is never good.
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