For the first time since like season 3 Iost my shit on a teammate and it feels awful.

I pride myself in keeping my cool under pressure when it comes to teammates tearing eachother apart or refusing to cooperate, but I just came across one of the worst people I've ever met in league and I legit lost my spaghetti on them. And they did something so mundane and so simple through the whole game without saying a word and I got baited into losing my shit on them. What was it that triggered me beyond all belief? They were pinging us and the enemy. Let me explain. We were having a really really rough bot lane after a misplay by yours truly that fed an enemy Jhin a double kill, which prompted the Lux on my team to start spamming us when we died, what made matters worse was when they had a level advantage on us she kept pinging our level differences and spamming the "?" ping on us when we died. I'm not a firm believer in completely muting someone due to the possibility of missed information in a heavily information based game. So I started ignoring her pings and attempting to farm....Until she started stealing my farm and pinging me whenever she cleared the wave. I'm a twitch at least 3 levels lower than her with 1 and a half items completed so she can completely contest a wave from me. This was the first time in my history of playing league that I've come across someone doing this to me or anyone else for that matter. And then they start spamming surrender votes whenever it was available to do so. And after the failed surrender vote they would start spam pinging our items vs theirs. This is the most discouraging thing I've ever encountered, it's like holding something you made that you're proud of in front of you and holding something else someone made that is 100x better than yours in your face and continuously shoving it in there to get a nonexistent point across. And that's when I snapped. I called this Lux every nasty thing imaginable under the sun (barring racist and homophobic slurs) I tore into this person as hard as I humanly could. And you know what? It felt awful, not because I regret what I said because frankly I don't. Everyone has a tipping point and this foul existence of a human being happened upon my fill limit as well as my teammates. No, what felt awful was more than likely I'm going to catch my first ever ban, warning chat ban or whatever and this piece of abstract art isn't going to get a damn thing because what they did is uncatchable by any system currently in place. I've made peace with what I said and I fully expect some sort of action against me. So why am I ranting about this? What's the catch, what do I hope to accomplish in this? Well, nothing. Absolutely nothing but a rant about how absolutely infuriating people in this game can make you when actions that are 100% detrimental to your team's ability to win or close out a game are ignored but words can net you a hot ban in an instant. /Rant
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