Chat Restricted due to a toxic team (The Vladimir game) I queued for a Ranked Flex game wanting to play Akali. She's fun, I haven't really played her, and I wanted to experiment. Getting into lobby was like any other lobby, I hovered Akali and checked my runes. Wondering who my teammates were banning, I checked (myself banning {{champion:7}} since she's soo annoying). Noticing my teammate was hovering Akali to ban (The Kha from the game), I quickly typed to assure him I wanted Akali and would prefer him not ban her. As if I said nothing, he bans her, and to my surprise, the other team didn't. In a bit a rage I said in the ball park of 'wtf would you ban Akali if I had her hovered' although I typed in word by word, so the sentence appeared as a wall of text essentially. Immediately another player mocks how I typed it in, typing his response as I did mine, not really addressing that this guy just banned my hovered champ. Before I could respond, the teammate who banned my champ said 'didn't see, don't care' or something like that. After informing the other guy he banned my champ, I was then just a mockery to all my teammates as they just laid into me (Kha, Kog, Lulu), ez target I suppose. I stop typing and just pick Vlad, I dont play too much Vlad, but I didnt wanna just play my main ({{champion:115}} ) again, I wanted something fresh. The game loads in, and right as we're in home, I say "I will not call MIA on Zed and I will let him roam, muting all of you". I get this isnt approptiate, but it was more of a threat than a legitimate statement. As the game progresses Im doing alright against Zed, but he does get a lead, killing me and my jungler at a point, and how he's just fed. He's now ravaging the map, with me pretty under leveled, useless. Although I know farming my lane is my only hope, for I cant outroam a Zed but I can outscale. The game goes to 31 minutes before we lose, im 5/8/5 with the 3rd most damage dealt, and the most damage taken. Obvs my team and myself have been bickering the entire time, but nothing really ban worth. I get into another game and boom, Im chat restricted. What compelled me to type this discussion? It was that Riot doesn't look at the chat IN LOBBY, only the chat IN GAME. So out of context, my game looks like I legit feed on purpose with no reason other than to be toxic. When in reality I was simply frustrated my team banned my champ/didnt care, which lead me to play a champ I'm not the most familiar with. I get I may of had an over reaction, but it was only in response to a team that clearly had no intention of helping me out, so I wanted to make it clear I wouldn't help them as well. Which, if you look at the gameplay, I really never trolled. Finally, one of the players, not the guy who banned my champ (the Kha), but the Lulu from that game, added me after and asked if I got chat restricted. I said 'Yes lol' and he replied 'Gotchu you ha' and deleted me. Justice has been served?
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