Rule Clarification for the Punishment System in League of Legends.

How reports work: * Reports do not stack up. If you get one report, its the same thing as getting 9 reports in one game. * Think of reports like flags, If you get reported one time in a game, it flags your game for the system. The system reviews your game for toxic phrases/words and if it finds those keywords/phrases, it dishes out a punishment tier. Punishment tiers: * 10 game chat restriction * 25 game chat restriction * 14 Day ban. * Permanent ban. * **There are a few stipulations to this.** Punishment tiers are not fully based on severity, rather on repeated toxicity after your initial warning. Also, If you use extreme hate speech/threats, the system can **skip punishment tiers** and take you straight to a 14 day ban (some cases even permanent.) * If you play 5-6 months of continuous good behavior, you will go down in punishment tiers. * **A 14 day ban is your final warning** before getting permanently banned. Any amount of toxicity no matter how minor is a sign that you are not reformed, and will result in a permanent ban. If you receive a 14 day ban you are on your very last chance. ** Chat ** * It is against the rules to repeatedly use "facts" about a players poor performance to be toxic towards them. Even if they are feeding heavily, or missed a smite on baron, dwelling on the fact, and spamming it is considered toxic, and is punishable. Remember, everyone has bad games! **Context:** * The system, and Riot, do NOT take into account context of a situation in most cases. It doesn't matter if the enemy was flaming you first, or the premade was ganging up on you, and you were defending yourself. YOU CONTROL WHAT YOU TYPE. If you type something toxic, that is all the system sees. If you are frustrated with a premade or a toxic enemy/teammate, mute them immediately, and report them after the game. **Calling for reports:** * It is against the rules to call for the report of other players, and doesnt help your case at all. Remember, one report does the same thing as 9 reports. This also means you are breaking the rules, and could result in a report/punishment headed your way as well. **Where are the rules?** * The rules are spread throughout a few places, most of it comes down to generally "dont be an ass" but for a set list of whats reportable and what isnt, Riots support page has the information you need. * **Post Game/Pre game lobby** * To my understanding, the system reviews information IN GAME CHAT, if you'd like the pre game/post game lobby chat looked at, when reporting the player add a note that says "Pre game/Post game toxicitiy in chat" or something along those lines. This should cause the review of the game to take into account the lobby chats as well as the in game. **Mute function** * The mute function does not exist to protect the toxic player from punishments. The mute function is not an excuse to be toxic, nor does it excuse you from anything else negative that you say about the muted player. **Name Shaming on the boards** * It is against the rules to use anyones name (real life, or IGN) on the boards in a negative way. You cannot create a boards post saying "XxSniper_x_Quickscope_x_Not12_xX" was being toxic in a game. Use the report function after the game. If you believe the player has gone completely overboard with toxicity and needs a Riot review, Create a ticket at: * This is not for "He called me a buttface" this is for hate speech, real life threats, and overall terribly toxic behavior. **Permanent suspension, vs permanent ban** * There are cases where Riot will lock your account temporarily, but (for some reason) they call it a permanent suspension. This is usually due to a security risk where someone tried to access your account. Less commonly this is due to a purchased account, or chargebacks associated with an account. Open a ticket with Riot support, and they will be able to provide you more information as to the next steps to unlocking your account. If you recieve a permanent ban, these situations are MOST OF THE TIME irreversible, and will not be overturned by a Riot Support ticket. ** ZERO TOLERANCE PHRASES ** * There are certain phrases which are automatic punishments if reported. I don't believe I'm allowed to list them due to boards rules, but if you use your imagination it's pretty simple to figure out whats a no-no. If it talks about a person's race, gender, or sexual preference in a negative light, it's bannable. Also, telling someone to end their life, even in a joking manner, is 100% punishable. * _**If you have any questions post them below, for more help with rules on moderation/rule clarification, the boards discord link on the left hand side of your screen can get you in contact with some of the player moderators that regulate the boards chat. For in game support, will get you 1 on 1 chat support with a Riot member in some cases, however most of the time it will be an email. In my personal experience emails are typically responded to within 24 hours of each reply, usually a bit sooner during normal hours. **_
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