The report system and toxicity of players and or player is leading a team-based game to a mute game.

I would just like to say that league is a highly competitive team-based game that usually requires teammates being able to talk with one another so they can coordinate team fights right? Riot has done a horrible job in this field! Now a days people are getting banned and are afraid of even talking in a game it is insane!! Players now just straight up mute everyone at the start of their game, because they're afraid if they don't something might be said that is apparently "TOXIC" and they will receive punishment for it! The way riot staff have went about this is all wrong! The game is suppose to be fun and enjoyed with your friends or strangers on the same team as you where in order to win you have to work and communicate as a team to beat your opponents! Now everyone is scared to even talk in the game for the fear of being reported and immediate repercussions for their actions in game. People no longer feel safe to enjoy the game and talk to one another because of the report system, and RIot you're making it worse by show casing worlds lcs players in a tournament where communication is key to win, and you literally throw it back right at us. What are we to do as players individually? You can't communicate with your team, because you might get banned for it. Just GG riot you've done a really great job... NOT
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