Why can't people just be decent human beings?

Look, I get it. It would be nicer if our mid laner would've hit more charms. It would have been nice if our jungler played better in the early game. However, you don't have to point out every little mistake they make and berate them for it. You just don't have to do that. I get that you're upset, and it's hard to focus on what YOU could've done better yourself(everyone makes plenty of mistakes), but don't drag others down. You don't have to int or ragesplit to get back at people. Like it's not even a matter of if you're right or not or if you're "just calling people out", you're just being a jerk for pretty much no reason. You're trying to put someone down and just because they're not playing a video game to your standards- I just don't get it. I don't know. Maybe i'm misguided. I just think a little understanding goes a long way. On that note- I do understand anger issues. My sister and I both had to work through them. Games can be frustrating. However, I don't understand having the issues and not working to try to manage them better. You don't even have to not get angry, just try to learn to not put people down. If you really want people to play better, give them advice. Instead of flaming your adc for farming a side lane instead of grouping, you can briefly explain why they need to group(IE: "ADC we need you here so you can shred the enemy tank). If they take actual advice the wrong way that sucks, but at least you put in the effort.
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