Regarding NB3s In-Chat Ban Threats

i once got chat restricted for 25 games because i said “you’re getting banned kid” to a yasuo that stated hate speech multiple times in the game. Now this was the obvious, if you say a certain word multiple times through out the game, it’s guaranteed you get banned if someone reports you because the system picks up certain words. I even sent a ticket to riot, and they clarified that this certain line was what got me the chat restriction. now i don’t care about that punishment, i was only shocked because i never knew “ban threats” could get you a punishment. now let’s shitf gears to nightblue -Threatened to get a player banned for picking off meta - Continuously harassed a teammate (who had full intentions of winning) in chat -Publicized his actions towards his teammate Nubrac, drawing his own viewers to go and harass Nubrac on his own stream -Admitted to taking advantage of his friend who worked at riot to get Nubrac banned Now if what i said got me a chat restriction, then what NB3 did deserves a ban. And for those of you who think Nubrac does deserve a ban, then so does nightblue. the yasuo that i reporter did get banned and was clearly a toxic troll, versus Nubrac’s case where it was a controversial pick. if i get punished for mild “ban threats” then NB3 should get punished for his actions. But ofc riot plays favorites. #JusticeForNubrac
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