Account hacked by a scripter lead to perma ban

My account was taken by somebody and when I regained control of the account i was permenatly banned the next day becasue the hacker played games on it while scripting. This was acouple days ago. i was playing on my smurf preping for the new season while my friends were away. Then when they got on and i logged onto my main to play some late night league with the boys and it said reconnect to game. I then noticed by checking OP.GG that the account has been playing for hours and im currently in a live game. Me and my friends begin to spectate and low and behold see someone playing on my account scripting... blatent scripting Why on gods green earth someone would take my gold low plat account to play league and let alone script is beyond me. However, i contacted riot immediatly while he was still in game and was directed to change password and email ( which i did ). Riot Mooperdoodle was really helpful and friendly with the process. I was reassured that everything would be okay. The next day i log on and pay riot 15$ for the new battle pass, eager to start the grind to get my prestige vayne chroma, and what do i see? " your account has permenatly banned for using 3rd party services" I have already ticketed riot again with screen shots of match history and my previous riot support ticket. However, since its already late i dont know when ill recieve any feedback so im posting here in hopes someone will see. I understand that the person who took my account was scripting it was blatently obvious, and i know that its an automatic system that detects this kind of stuff but it just sucks that after 5 years of playing never being banned once and immediatly after buying a battle pass for a limited timed event i cant even play the game. Im not trying to get any compensation i just want my account back that has hundreds of hours and hundred of dollars invested over the years. Picture of the ban so theres no bambozel previous ticket with riot Mooperdoodle My mains match history which occurs at the same time im on my smurf. My smurfs match history which takes place during the time my hacked main accont is being played on Sorry for any miss spellings ive got dyslexia and its late where i live.
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