Is this toxic?

Just wondering. Had a game where I was 2v1 top and it was pretty rough. Team was flaming me hard, first for my pick, then for not being able to 2v1 but I stayed in it pressuring lanes and taking towers/inhibs. Anywho my team got caught, had a 4v5 so I ran in and cleaned up acing the enemy with full health and mana. Being the sole survivor it was my duty to take the inhib, take the final nexus turret with like 100 health and then end the game. However, nature called and I had to IMMEDIATELY get up and use the restroom. I was sure to let my team know I'd be RIGHT back that I had to use the rest room. Yes, I could have ended the game right there but I cannot stress how badly the need to urinate was that sitting and spending 40 seconds taking inhib/nexus was not an option for me. I quickly ran and ran back and WHEW my team was -not- happy. We ended up losing the game unfortunately :( and I feel SUPER bad for my allies since they were in their main role and I was not. Should I worry about being punished for my 1 minute bathroom break? Do I need to provide Riot proof of my biological need to urinate?
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