Does anyone else think that "only 5% of players are toxic enough to be punished" is horseshit?

I mean every single game I play there's at the very least 1 guy raging and flaming and blaming everyone else, at the LEAST. I also often get people telling everyone to kill themselves, uninstall, drink bleach, that they should have been aborted... I mean I get just a steaming smelly bile of toxic spewing into my face every game I play anymore. If you're trying to tell me only 5% of people get even so much as a chat restriction then your system is busted because I have toxic players in 100% of my games, no matter how nice I try to be to them. Hell I got a chat restriction on this account without even saying a single insult, just being passive aggressive, but the guys straight up telling people to kill themselves because they're the scum of the earth, the people calling everyone garbage and telling them to uninstall, the people spam pinging mia on his teammates body every single time they die, the guys intentionally refusing to help their own teammates, the ones intentionally feeding, the flamers, and the ragers I get in every game without fail almost never get punished. There's FAR more than 5% of the playerbase DESERVING of punishment, but the truly toxic people always get off scott-free and the people that just get irritated by these toxic players and end up saying something toxic because they're now in a bad mood are the main ones getting punished. /rant sorry this just bugs be that I run into toxic players every single game (usually there's more than one) and somehow riot claims that I should only be getting this in 5% of my games and is SO very proud of that "fact" tat simply isn't true. I'm playing on a new account I made now just to test out new champions, and I swear if I could get the last 20 games worth of chat logs copy-pasted to the boards, every single one of them would have either hate speech, someone telling everyone to kill themselves, someone just outright raging at everyone, or someone intentionally feeding, it's gotten out of control. This is getting downvoted? Me saying that people who are toxic should get punished and the system should be stricter? sad day for the league community.
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