My account was compromised and there were no options to counteract it.

My account has just been hacked into it seems I'm not the only one who has been hacked. The person who hacked my account was duo'ed with a user by the name of Distrait. ( ) The hacker was playing ADC and looking at the match history of Distrait they seem to always be duo'ed with another adc. This would look normal because the accounts are swapped out every 1-3 games, but looking at the history of the other adc's, the stolen accounts are from players who primarily do not play adc. Hacker also seems to primarily play Twitch, Tristana, and Ezreal Ex. 1 ( ) Plays top and support and duo's with Silent Kle. 2 most recent games are ranked adc games duo'ed with Distrait. Ex. 2 ( ) Plays mostly Rammus with few adc games suddenly gains 5 adc games, 3 duo'ed with Distrait and 2 solo with Twitch. Riot, please improve your security, I had no idea that his account had been hacked and only found out because another friend of mine saw "me" (or the booster) playing adc in ranked when I've been one tricking {{champion:412}} for 4 years. In order to get access to my own account I had to wait until their game was completely over and log into a custom as there was no "log everyone out of my own account" feature. Had I gone to bed or done anything else tonight I would have not known someone was using my account. If I had RP in my account it would have been gone. My account was free reign had they wanted to do something malicious. I would have had to make another support ticket for that situation alone. Me messaging Distrait when he logged in. I was sitting in the reconnect screen waiting for the game to end. Distrait blocked me immediately after they saw the message. ( Riot's options for compromised accounts (
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