Got perma banned for scripting???

Hello, i just got permabanned for scripting yesterday. Was watching Naruto with my roommate and had a notification pop on "you account was banned, check for more info". I have been playing again lol for a bit with my friends, mostly aram and ranked flex, so i thought that i insulted someone and got banned for it. And nope, PERMA BANNED for scripting. First, I saw many other posts like this so I know the most common answer is "DONT SCRIPT", so yeah, i invite you to watch either my history or some of my games before you say anything, i never scripted my whole life. So i tried to say this to the support and they answered "no error, you're perma banned, you will stay perma banned". I thought i had this account for 7 years but it's actually 9, i have a lot of skins and memories, I never scripted. So i search on my computer if there was any third party program, the only thing i found was a broken shortcut for "lol recorder" which is no longer on my computer (it was from the very old period where i used it to do some youtube videos, this software allowed you te record your games to watch them after). Except for this (which is not even installed, there is just a broken shortcut but no actual software) I found nothing. I sent plenty messages to the support they answered twice, something like "we cant tell you what it is because else we wont be able to find cheater like you again" and "nope sorry, no error, you're perma banned". What am I supposed to do? Try to make a new account with every character in the game? I could achieve that but if in 5 months I get banned again for nothing then what? I've been playing lol for 9 years, never scripted nor cheated, and just lost an account with several hundred of euros in it. I feel a bit sad tbh and the support wont help me in any way. If any of you guys can point me in the right direction i would gladly accept. More details: I have an alienware aurora, razer keyboard and mouse (no macro except a cookie clicker macro which... click fast haha) my internal battery for my aurora is broken so the date and time is not right (cause some issues with youtube and netflix). I use discord as I play, I have avast antivirus, steam is often launched too. Most of my files are school related/work related/association related. Never used any script, used lol recorder years ago but dont have it on my computer, tried to use personalized skins years ago too (i guess S3? same kind of skins that dunkey used in his video with funny characters) but never worked and i dont have them anymore (or did not find them). Any help would be appreciated, please refrain from saying "If they say you script, you script", and watch some of my games before.
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