Toxicity in silver is getting so out of hand that its happening every single game

I'm somewhat of a casual player who does rank every so often until maybe 3 weeks ago. I honestly can't remember it being this bad, it's been happening almost every game now. The team starts to lose, everyone tries to pin the blame on someone else, every game, even the other team in fights with eachother in /all chat. Its just non-stop blaming and in fighting with eachother, and the fact that its happening almost every game is honestly getting ridiculous (with me being a jungler main, i get the brunt of it alot of the time). I'm not saying i'm completely above it, i'm probably going to respond back defending myself or begging someone to stop fighting and focus. On that note, i have to ask other silver player, do you feel vindicated when you call out someone else for doing poorly when you yourself have done just as poorly in matches before? everytime i see this type of person, all i can think is that they are just a hypocrite, cause when i go to their match history after, i see games where they've done just as bad. I'm honestly so burnt out right now that im starting to wonder why i'm playing league, winning a hard game doesn't fill me with sense of accomplishment, just pent up aggravation on how people can be this shit and losing feels worse, especially when your see the other team (or rather the person whose 2/10) gloat about winning. I've played rank quite a bit in the prior seasons but by far this is the worst ive ever seen it
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