No wonder people are stuck in silver and below with this mentality

I watched my boyfriend, who is bronze, play some games a couple of days ago. He mains Morgana and usually goes with her as support. Sometimes he's doing better, sometime he's doing worse, it happens across all ranks. But what I did notice is the mentality of the players in this elo (he doesn't have this mentality though). There's soooo much negativity and flaming! I saw him accidently take a kill from the jungler, and he (Kayn) started flaming, spamming "fucking ks" and just stopped caring. Or he could just die once, and he ADC would be like "GG FF THIS, MY SUPPORT SUCKS". Like no wonder people hate that elo. It just plain sucks mentality-wise. Are there really any plans to do something about it? Show new players in the beginning that this behavior is not acceptable. Slam on a 25 games chat restriction the instant they start having this stupid mentality, or it will never stop. The system that is in place right now apparently isn't working. Pretty much all elos have flamers, but silver and below is like another game. I feel so sorry for my boyfriend that has to tackle these idiots game after game after game.
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