I Cried While Playing League

I am so tired of the toxicity in this sad excuse of a "community." Out of all the games I've played in my life, the people here are the absolute worst. I started playing League a few years ago, but I ended up leaving the game briefly after I began because I was flamed too often for "sucking" or "feeding." I've been back for not even a month, and I've experienced this tenfold. I already want to quit again, and I hate it because I absolutely enjoy the gameplay. I've been told to kill myself, commit suicide, uninstall League, never play said champ again, and endless colorful insults that I wish to not think about. I've had two or three games (one of which happened today) so far this past month (which is the amount of time I've been back) where the abuse was so bad to the point where I actually cried. I was trying out Syndra today in a non-ranked game, and I was laning against someone who clearly REALLY knew how to play Yasuo (quite aggressively at that). I attempted to play passively and farm under turret. The guy doesn't care and still dives. Ended up dying a few times and then was focused by the enemy jungler and mid laner because I was so far behind. I made it clear as day to my teammates that I was learning the champ. I also explained that I'd practiced the champ in bot games, read guides, and wanted to try her out in PVP. But this didn't stop people from acting like complete jerks. I was bashed so often and so early to the point where I was considering leaving the game, because at that point, I would have rather been reported and banned for leaving the game than be bullied anymore. I didn't discover the mute button until after that game, but that's beside the point. I do everything I know to do deal with toxicity ā€” report, (now) mute, not adding fuel to the fire, taking breaks, finding other games, or all of those. I don't know how exactly how many players I've reported for bad behavior ā€” maybe ~50 so far. Only 2 have been banned. I am aggravated. And sick of this. I don't know how else to deal with it, other than what I'm doing now. Side note: I do not play ranked games.
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